Springfield Festival Repertoire

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Massed Division
Prelude on ThaxtedMichael Helman3AG360453-6
Despite the StormCathy Moklebust3CGB9322-3
Triumphant SpiritNick Hanson3CGB8412-3
Bronze Festival Ensemble
Overture from the Barber of SevilleRossiniThompson5JHS92294-6
Four ResonancesWilliam Payn5+AG46008J4-7
Prelude on Herzliebster JesuFred Gramann5AG470024-7
Ave MariaFranz BieblCathy Moklebust3CGB3095-7
Resonances and AlleluiasCathy Moklebust4CGB5163-5
Blue TangoLeroy AndersonCathy Moklebust5CGB9365-7
TrepakTchaikovskyCathy Moklebust3CGB6523-5
Division 1
Rhythmic PraiseJason Krug2+AG360543-6
A Jubilant PealMichael Helman120/1732L2-3
Lead On, O King Eternal Jason Krug1+AG230392-3
Division 2
Guide Me O Thou Great JehovahMichael Helman220/1701L3-5
Legacy of JoyRon Mallory2RW82313-5
O God Our Help in Ages PastDan R. Edwards2+20/1659L3-5
Division 3
Love and GraceJason Krug3-GIG87423-5
HornpipeKaren Buckwalter2+SPHP52393-5
Celebrate with JoyCynthia Dobrinski3-HP25153-6
Division 4
God of Joy and God of StrengthCathy Moklebust420/1612L3-5
Variations on Ein Feste BurgMichael Helman3+AG352403-5
CapriccioMichael Helman4CGB5173-5

Prelude on Thaxted
Despite the Storm
Triumphant Spirit

Division 1
Rhythmic Praise
A Jubilant Peal
Lead On, O King Eternal

Division 2
Guide Me, O, Thou Great Jehovah
Legacy of Joy
O God Our Help in Ages Past

Division 3
Love and Grace
Celebrate with Joy

Division 4
God of Joy and God of Strength
Variations on Ein Feste Burg

Bronze Festival Ensemble with Cathy Moklebust
Overture to the Barber of Seville
Four Resonances
Prelude on Herzliebster Jesu
Ave Maria
Resonances and Alleluias
Blue Tango

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