Larry Sue – Clinician

Larry Sue, author of The Bass Ringer's NotebookBronzeFest Conductor

Larry Sue began playing handbells in a workshop at a 1987 music conference. He then spent sixteen years with the Valley Ringers (Cupertino, CA) and eight years with Son Ringers (Mountain View, CA). He directed the Alleluia Ringers at Los Altos United Methodist Church, Los Altos, CA until the summer of 2016, when he and Carla moved to Holland, Michigan, to start a new adventure there.

Larry has also performed with Bay Bells, one of the longest-running community handbell ensembles on the West Coast. As a bass handbell specialist, he was the Artistic Figurehead of Low Ding Zone, the World’s First Bass-Only Handbell Ensemble for eight years.  His experience also includes performing at Distinctly Bronze West and the Bay View Week of Handbells, plus many other local events, as well as the occasionally foray into the area of bass handbell solos.

Larry is a published handbell composer/arranger, and is the author of the Bass Ringer’s Notebook. His festival conducting experience includes California Spring Rings, the Rogue Valley Handbell Festival, the Redding Handbell Festival, and advanced events such as the River City Radical Ring and Redding Bronze. Larry has been a church musician for most of his life, serving on piano, guitar, clarinet, voice, and electric bass. Conducting and composing in the choral and instrumental ministries have been part of his efforts as well. Larry has also had sidelines in music teaching and piano tuning, and currently runs a music publishing company.

Larry and Carla were married in 2012, and embarked on a new handbell adventure by creating new pieces for just eight bells. Their repertoire extends across the entire spectrum of hymns, classical music, Christmas carols, and folk music, and they continue to be surprised at just how many musical selections can be played using just eight notes. They are available to perform their duets at concerts, weddings, corporate events, memorial services, church services, and other events in Michigan and beyond, and can also teach classes and workshops in various handbell techniques.

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