Bring It! Ring It!
2018 Festival/Conference
Omaha, Nebraska
Handbell Musicians of America Area 8
June 27-30, 2018
Hotel RL

Registration & setup: Wednesday night & Thursday morning
●Opening bell: Thursday @ 10:00 am
●Closing concert: 7:30 pm Saturday with reception following

The Area 8 2018 Festival/Conference offers handbell musicians three days of music-making, fellowship, education and entertainment. Come with your group to create new shared experiences or come as an individual ringer to explore the friendly handbell community. All can enjoy the waterpark at the amazing fee of $15 for your entire stay. You’ll purchase your waterpark tickets through the hotel.

Ringing Divisions: The repertoire list can be found HERE :
●        Massed Ringing: Barbara Meinke and Tim Waugh
●        Division 1: Learning Track with Festival Staff
●        Division 2 (Level 2-3): Barbara Meinke
●        Division 3 (Level 3-4): Tim Waugh
●        Division 4 (Level 4-5): Tim Waugh

Division 1 Learning Track! Tools & Tricks of the Bell World. We know that you may not feel ready for participating in the massed ringing as it feels so advanced and overwhelming. But you still want to come to festival? Awesome! Division 1 is designed for you. While massed ringing is in rehearsal, we will have our own private study time. Division 1 covers: basic time signatures, basic note reading, slow to moderate tempos, dynamics, note/rest values and articulations (aka techniques). KC Congdon will help you learn some shortcuts to make ringing easier and less stressful. In addition to the above, we will learn how to read ahead, how to coordinate multiple techniques, and how to simplify your part rhythmically.

Special Performance Opportunities! Share your group’s talent with the rest of the Festival attendees! The Showcase Concert on Friday, June 29, will offer individual groups, ensembles and soloists the chance to perform a selection during this 45-minute program. 

BronzeFest Ensemble with Larry Sue! This specialized ringing track during the conference is designed for those looking for a concentrated, advanced ringing experience. Limited to 36 qualified ringers. Apply after you’ve registered for the Festival. $80 additional fee. 

Worship Track! Discover new possibilities for using handbells in your worship service! This track will be three sessions and will cover processionals, hymn and choir accompaniments, liturgical music, ringing with less than a full choir, and more. You’ll not only get the chance to hear these exciting ways of using bells, but you’ll get to experience it as well! All music and materials will be provided. There will also be time for an open forum discussion to share ideas and ask questions. This track is open to all levels of handbell ringers and directors, and even non-bell musicians! All attendees will have the chance to participate—even if you’ve never rung a bell before! $30 additional fee. 

Ring S’more Track! New this year, a track for those who just want to Ring S’More. No preparation is needed, and there isn’t any performance pressure! You’ll get your own copies of the selections at the first session. We’ll spend much of the three sessions ringing the level 2 to 3 selections on 5-6 octave sets, and the rest exploring the nuances of stem direction, musicality and mixed meter. This track is most appropriate for those who can sight read level 2 and above music, including bell changes, techniques, syncopation and changing meters. $30 additional fee. 

Concerts! We’re excited to announce feature concerts by Timbré of California and Larry & Carla Sue from Michigan.

Classes! You’ll be able to choose from a variety of classes for ringers and directors of all experience levels taught by experienced instructors.

Reading Sessions! Can’t get enough ringing or need to choose music for your ensemble? Reading sessions expose you to old and new repertoire.

Pre-Conference Director’s Track! Wednesday, June 27  from 7:00pm – 9:00pm and Thursday  June 27 from 7:30am – 9:30am. Taught by experienced directors, this four- hour track for current & future directors covers topics critical to your success as a director & to the musical accomplishments of your ringers. Register after you’ve registered for the festival. $80 additional fee. 

HOTEL INFORMATION: Registration fee DOES NOT include hotel accommodations. The Hotel RL is the festival/conference headquarters hotel. Room rate is $115 plus taxes.  Reservations must be made by June 10, 2018. Contact Aretha at 402-517-3083 and let her know you are with  the Handbell Musicians of America room block.

Groups who live outside a 50-mile radius from the hotel and choose not to stay at Hotel RL must pay an off-site lodging surcharge of $100. This helps insure we meet our contracted room blocks, keeping all costs as low as possible.

FULL RINGER Registration includes massed ringing and admission to all concerts, class sessions, included meals, HIC exhibits and reading sessions. Meals that are included with registration fee are Thursday lunch, Thursday evening banquet, Friday lunch, Saturday box dinner before the concert, and reception after the concert. A cash bar will be open for Thursday dinner and Saturday reception.

●        SUPER Early Bird (received on/before March 1, 2018)    $285
●        EARLY BIRD (received on/before May 15, 2018)         $310
●        REGISTRATION (received after May 15, 2018)           $330

Chaperones/Non-Participating Adults registration includes meals and concerts.   $115

DAILY Registration includes access to classes, HIC exhibits, provided meals, and concerts for the day.     $125/day

Handbell Musicians of America (AGEHR) Membership Fee            $95 (if not a member)

TABLE RENTAL                                                     $5 each – 8 foot

Chaperones: One chaperone, over 21 years of age must accompany every six ringers age 17 and under at all Festival activities – massed ringing, meals, concerts, and classes.

T-Shirts: Sizes adult small thru 5XL will be available in Jade Dome with full front black printing at $13 for S-XL; $15 for 2XL and 3XL; $19 for 4XL and 5XL.








You’ll need answers to the following questions before you start:
1.       Are you registering for the entire conference? If yes, are you registering a group, or an individual?
2.       Are you registering for just one day? Which day – Thursday, Friday or Saturday?
3.       Does the group or individual have a membership in Handbell Musicians? If so, find the number.
4.       If you are registering as an individual, will you bring your own table, foam and bells or do you need to use someone else’s?
5.       If you are registering as a group, how many feet of table do you need? Will you be bringing your own tables, or renting from us?
6.       Which division will you be ringing in?
7.       If you are registering as an individual and want us to place you with a group, what positions are you able to ring?
8.       If you are registering as a group, are you staying in the conference hotel?
9.       Are you paying with a check or via Paypal? (Paypal transactions will be subject to a small service fee.)

Follow these steps to register:
1.       Fill out the individual, group or daily Festival registration online.
2.       Select your payment method –a check or pay via Paypal (subject to a small service fee.)
3.       Submit the Festival Registration. You will pay later.
4.       You should immediately receive an email response with all the registration data you entered. If you don’t receive that within 2 hours, contact the TREASURER.
5.       Within two weeks, you will receive another email from the TREASURER containing your registration number, an invoice, and payment instructions.
6.       Pay the deposit (or the entire balance) within 15 days of the date on your invoice.
7.       After you have submitted your deposit payment, you’ll receive links to register for the optional items: Pre-Conference Director’s Track, the Ring S’more track (not for daily registrants), the Bronze Festival Choir (not for daily registrants), and the Worship Track (not for daily registrants). Those items will be invoiced separately, and payment is due immediately.
8.       In March 2018, you’ll receive an email with a link to a form where you’ll provide the following information for each registrant: name for name badge, age range (youth or adult) and any special meal preferences. This form must be submitted by May 1, 2018. This email will also contain the link for the youth photo/video release form.
9.       In March 2018, you’ll receive an email with a link to a form to purchase optional t-shirts. That form is due by 4/15/18, and payment must be received by 5/1/18.
10.   Pay any balance due by May 1, 2018. A late fee of 5% will be assessed for balances not paid by that date.

●        On or before April 30, 2018, you will be refunded all fees except the $75 per person deposit.
●        On or after May 1, 2018, NO fees will be refunded.

You’re ready to start! Select one of these three links to begin:
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